April 18, 2007

What's New Pussycat?

It's been a while since I posted some pictures and so I thought I would show you all what we have been up to in the past month.

For entertainment we ride the lawnmower under the guise of mowing the dormant grass. Joe has mastered the art of "Fumbs up."
(Note to self: When John learns to drive emphasize the "Keep your eyes on the road" slogan.)

We made our very own Olympus Mons out of salt dough. The boys were hoping for a roof blowing volcano but we instead we got the equivalent of passing gas in the bathtub. Some bubbles and a lot of smell.

Kevin spends his time gazing longingly at me. (ha-ha) Actually he was looking out the window and I thought he just looked so sweet.

Ah yes, our Greek pottery. Behold! The magnificence.

Also in the works is our hostile takeover of the great state of North Carolina. We plan on using the jogging stroller as our getaway vehicle which means I need to start running a 4-minute mile. The takeover isn't looking very promising.

Joe has been keeping himself busy with household repairs. Don't forget the toilet paper holder in my bathroom is loose. Thanks.

What have we here? Oh, art. My little impressionists hard at work.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I am just waiting for Mensa to call because, apparently, I am a genius!

Did ya catch it?

Look to the finish!


Dy said...

ROFL! See if we can get a 2/for/1 on membership at MENSA. I do that w/ tortillas all. the. time.

Love the photo catch up. Who's the ENORMOUS child you've taken to calling Joe? It's not Little Joe of the pudgy cheeks... well, wait, there are those cheeks... and those eyes... OMG!! Do you REALIZE how seldom you BLOG when we don't even recognize your poster child?!?!?!

OK, but they're all precious. ANd the pic of Kevin is sweet. Zorak gets so twitchy when I take seemingly random pictures of him. He really hates it. *sigh*


Bridget said...

Nice to hear from you again. I loved the pictures and Rusty gets very nervous when I take pictures of him. His first question is always "Are you putting that on your blog?!" Visit us and you will see why that question is always asked with fear in his voice.

CMB said...

I love the pictures! Thank you so much for posting them. I can not believe how grown up the boys are. Looks like NC is agreeing with everyone. YEAH!

Needleroozer said...

Wha??? Looks ok ta me. Make that a 3 for 1 at MENSA.
Good to see you blogging again. I agree with Dy- Joe looks so very grown up!
I love the sweet expression on Kevin's face- he looks like he is lovingly gazing at you.

J-Lynn said...

I can't believe how big Joe is, ALL your boys look so big! Joe looks JUST like your husband.

I do things like with the carrots all the time. It's a requirement around the house. ;-)