January 28, 2008


The boys and I returned last night from a week long visit with my parents down in Ft.Lauderdale. Saying we had fun is like saying Britney Spears has "issues." Which is, of course, an understatement. We did not want to leave. Being with my parents is like being with your best friends. It's just plain good.

Let's re-cap, shall we?

The boys splashed in the pool like otters, minus the fur. Just FYI, the senior citizens at my parents pool love being splashed. ::snort::

Extreme close-up. (P.S. john, you'll hate close-ups when you get to be my age. Crows feet ya' know.)
Jeremy, the life of the party. He begged me to give him the tube and then when I did, he used it for a total of 3.29 seconds. This was second 2.67.

Me and my boys at Riverwalk. Notice our good posture.
Joe and grandpa floating in the pool. They spent three hours in the pool on Saturday morning, and got out looking like the California raisins. I wanted to enrobe Joe's toes in chocolate and eat them, but I didn't.

Golly, I am cute. Aren't I?

Wow, if you could read their minds what would they be saying? Let's pull it together boys, this is for the record.

Much better, gang. Joe no longer looks like he's thinking, "Ima kill you."

My brother took the boys out on the boat. They think that the sun rises and sets with Uncle Jon. My mother and I opted not to go along because we are not big fans of boats. Or open water. Or speed. Or waves. Or bumpiness. We are whats referred to as "Landbubbers."

We took the boys to the park and put Joe on the swing. He loves the swing. He begs me to push him higher and then screams, "TOO HIGH!!" It's a fun game.

He's a stinker, but he sure is cute.

I spent a good deal of time fiddling with my blog and attempting to edit the HTML code but I must be really stupid because none of it worked. I can't even get the links in posts to underline. For instance, the 7 Random Things post. The word "rotini" is a link but you would never know that unless you put your mouse over it.

Weird. Back to the drawing board.


Melkhi said...

Love the swing picture ~ what a cutie!

Thanks for sharing the fun you had!

CMB said...

I hope you had a real nice trip. You all look tan, healthy and happy.

mamabear said...

Oh-swimming! Outdoors...
Looks like you guys had a good time with your parents.
Great pictures!


melissa said...

I LOVE the pics! The boys are so adorable. Do you think that y'all could make them look a little more alike??? They really are handsome boys. Oh- and I am diggin' the shorts with the jacket. Very nicely pulled together!