January 15, 2008

On Being Sorry

Yesterday we had a fight.

On second thought, I can't even really say that it was a fight. It was a miscommunication that resulted in frustration on both our parts. I was inflexible and he was presumptuous.

He came to me and blocked me from passing him by stretching his arms out and placing his hands upon the walls in the hallway.

Stop. Wait. He said.

I stopped. I waited.

What? I asked

I'm sorry. He said.

Why are you sorry? I asked.


I stumped him.

He looks around.

I'm just sorry for everything. I don't know why. I'm just sorry.

We laugh.

We hug.

It's all good.


CMB said...

Wow - that would NEVER happen in my house. What a lucky girl you are. Steve could go DAYS even weeks and never say sorry. I always have to start the 'make up' conversation.

Laney said...

I know I'm blessed, Cara. Kevin is the peacemaker in this house.:-)

Donna Boucher said...

Such a simple, honest, touching post.