February 6, 2008


A long time ago I mentioned that I ran the NYC Marathon in 2001 and Donna asked me what it was like. I never answered her.

A few days ago I began writing what I thought was going to be a short post about the whole marathon experience. It has turned into a long post that I have not yet completed. I plan on posting the beginning sometime tomorrow.

I was going to work on it this morning but I have a hair appointment this morning that I desperately need to go to because I have brown hair and a blonde ponytail, which as we all know is uber classy.

On a positive note, I am now able to access Hotmail.


CMB said...

YEAH!! Hotmail back in action...so glad to hear it. What's not to love about a half brown half blonde hair do?

Looking forward to the NYC Marathon post.

Donna Boucher said...

Can't wait to see your hair.
You'll be showing us your hair, won't you?

mamabear said...

Can't wait to hear about the marathon.
I started going to the gym again about a month ago, and I've started running for the first time (since I was in the Army 13 yrs ago). Boy, it's been hard, but I keep at it.

Laney said...

Donna, Maybe later, after I shower. :-)

melissa said...

Looking forward to the marathon post. My hubs has run the Marine Corp Marathon twice and he is NOT A RUNNER. He's just one of those people who likes to push himself. I'll be sure to read the post to him.
Oh! Glorious Hair Day!! Don't you just LOVE that "fresh-from-the-salon-color"?!! (Except- don't ask Dy that right now.)