February 27, 2008

Paging, John Edward

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all clairvoyant? Or rather we could make our husbands clairvoyant.

I had a fight with my husband this morning and instead of just telling him, in a calm, rational voice what I needed, I yelled.


I hate the yelling. I hate that I revert to it instead of acting like grow-up.

I wish that he could have read my mind, because my mind was saying, "You know, sweetie, I have a lot on my plate today and if you could go pick up the chop meat, I would really appreciate it." But my big mouth was yelling, "What would I do without you, my moral compass?"


I wonder if John Edward knows that his wife just needs chop meat, too?


CMB said...

I yell a lot too. I get very annoyed with myself after I do it. :sigh:

Urban Mom said...

I'm a good one for "thank god you're here today, how have the children lived this long without you here to tell me what to do?" Nice. So much for being grateful for the help..... Anywhoooo, you're not alone!

Laney said...

At least I am not alone, girls! :-)

Jersey Girl said...

I had to google John Edward. Thanks for keeping me in 2008. Love you