February 25, 2008

Why Yes, I Do Have Reservations

Friday night we went to the local chinese buffet. Buffets, in theory, always sound like a great bargain. The reality, however, is that you just laid out $44.36, plus a tip, for your 4-year old to eat one spoonful of rice, three broccoli stalks, 1/3 of an egg roll, and 12 pineapple chunks. Well worth $6.99.

Suddenly, not so much with the bargain. At least with chinese take-out you have leftovers.

Forty-four thirty-six for food that wasn't even that good. And I am always afraid that I am eating the cat that some poor child recently lost. Once you get that thought into your head, there is just no going back to your sesame chicken with the same ferocity that you had moments before you could hear a kitty meowing.

I have sworn off buffets forever.

The worst part, I was hungry 30 minutes later.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh Laney! This is so funny.

Did you have to wait? (Remember the first Seinfeld?)

Now, I think, you have ruined Chinese food for me, forever.
I always thought dog. But kitty...that's the limit!

CMB said...

You are a better woman than I. The words 'chinese buffet' make me want to throw up. Can't do it. Now I see you can't either.

Laney said...

At least I am in good company. :-)

Urban Mom said...

Isn't it strange how well children grow when they seem to eat so little that's healthy? I swear my 4yo lives on raisins, Dora yogurt & water... Where's the buffet with that??? Thanks for the fun post!

Writing and Living said...

When I lived in St. Louis, there was a Chinese restaurant right next to a Cat Clinic (a vet that specialized in cats). I am not making this up. It gave me the willies, and throughout my college years (it was near school), I could never bring myself to eat there.

I'm going to have to drive by there someday and see if they're both still there. If they are I'll take a picture.