February 18, 2008

Read Me a Story, Daddy

The bedtime story ritual begins with Joe saying, "You can read me a story, daddy." They pile onto the bed and fluff the pillows until they are fluffed to the right fluffiness.

Miss. Spider's ABC's are where we begin. We'll read this book about three times before going onto Miss. Spider's Tea Party.
This is the time when we check to see that all of our filings are still in tact. Filings? Check. Tonsils? Check.
Words fail me here. They are just too sweet, the both of them. (pause) I need a minute.
I know which part they just read, our most favorite part. "Jumping June Bugs!

When reading Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel one must concentrate. One must furrow thier brow and look incredibly sweet.

I love story time.


Jersey Girl said...

I love this post. It makes me smile.

Tonia said...

Miss Spider books are my dd's favorite books too! That's why my blog is called "The Sunny Patch" - glad to see other kids enjoy those books as much as mine.

CMB said...

Such sweet moments that you captured so well. Storytime is something we must get back to doing. Thank you for the reminder.

Laney said...

I feel the same way, mom. :-)

We love Miss.Spider. Somehow, though, my mind can't reconcile the fact that Kristin Davis of S*x and the City fame is the voice of Miss.Spider on the cartoon. That just feels...icky.:-)

Thanks for the pictures!

mamabear said...

So, so cute.
And that furrowed brow look, one can only imagine what goes through our little one's minds when a story is being read to them.
But I echo your mom's sentiments - it makes me smile.k

Dy said...

Oh, is there anything se*ier than a man who snuggles w/ his wee ones? No, I don't think so. (Not hitting on your man - I've got my own snuggler, here! *grin*) But still... ahhh... it's just one of those perks nobody thought to mention when they talked about having a family. But it's the highlight of my day!

(And MAN, does Joe look SO MUCH like Daddy! How sweet is that? Those dimples are just to die for! Gah. I love that he hasn't lost all his baby fat yet. Smidge has thinned out this year, and he's kind of bony. Still cute, but I miss the little round parts. *sniff*)


CMB said...

You're welcome - anytime!

Laney said...

Boy, I think that this is the most we have ever said s*x on this blog! And it's pictures of my baby and my husband! Bwhahaha!

Crib Chick said...

I just read the post down below about Joe turning four...and I am sooo with you.

Charlie is by far the most babied of all our kids (of course, *they* all baby him, too...::sigh::), and I know it's because he's the last.

I think it's God's way of kindly stopping me from yammering about how babied *my* little brother (still) is. I guess I understand my mom's point, now, LOL!

(The picture with the tool hanging from his pants is so adorable, I want to dunk him in some coffee. And I don't even drink coffee.)