February 20, 2008


Yesterday I went to the post office.

I rarely go to the post office.

This fact is proven by the question that I asked my husband prior to leaving the house which was, "Where is the post office?"

He gave me directions and off I went. My first inclination that something was amiss was the parking lot, there were no parking spaces. I saw a man walking to his car, which was quite close to the post office, and I thought that I would wait while he quickly got into his car and left in a hurry. But then I remembered that I live in the south and nothing happens quickly here so I decided to suck it up and just park far away.

I schleped into the building with my parcel, opened the door and was greeted by a frightful sight, a line of what was easily 18 people. OK, I thought. I have to wait, I might as well be chill while I do. And I was. Chill, that is.

I stood happily in line until a young college student walked in, and she wasn't happy. "This is what hell looks like," she began, "A post office line." Gah.

I can't tell you how many times she sighed and puffed air out of her mouth. And don't even get me started on the foot tapping. For small favors, I am grateful, she was not on her cell phone.

If I had a sedative or say, scotch in my bag I would have offered it to her.

Finally it was my turn and George, the very smiley postal worker, informed me that I had put the addresses in the wrong places. He sent me to the "re-do" table to get a label and switch the addresses. George told me that I could just come back up to the front of the line when I was done. Told ya he was smiley.

I have to admit, my package did look very ghetto.

I went back to George and the sighing college girl was there waiting. Apparently she had some "very important government mail" that she neglected to pick-up from the post office and felt the need to yell at poor George. And George, to his credit, remained smiley. I admit that I had a fleeting thought of him "going postal."

The college girl did not get her mail as it was "returned to sender." As she turned on her heel to storm out she turned to me and said, "Good luck getting your package mailed and just hope that someone picks it up from the post office!"


George and I looked at each other and just laughed. I should visit the post office more often.


CMB said...

Too funny... I could picture the whole scene going down. I was the unlucky recipient of a letter from Gateway yesterday that they have not yet gotten the check for Feb. tuition! I was so alarmed, I checked my online banking. Sure enough it was paid 2/1. The damn USPS lost it! I am very 'college girl' at the moment - UGH!

Krystal said...


Okay, sorry... I just watched The Secret Last night...

Jersey Girl said...
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Jersey Girl said...

Don't even get me started about the Post Office. At least you had Mr. Smiley waiting on you.