March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday

My husband has been at work all week. He left on Sunday morning and we have not seen hide nor hair of him since. I know that he has been here because of the tell tale laundry pile next to our bed. We are going on day 6 of full-time mommy and mommy is staring to lose it. I decided that a little retail therapy was in order so the boys and I headed to Target. I lure them there with the promise of Icee drinks. They fall for it every time. I bought a few things and looked at some other lovely items.

First I want to talk about "skinny jeans." Did you know that you do not have to be skinny to wear them? Shocking, I know! I mentioned once before that my legs are stumpy. I am practically a hobbit. But. One day, at JCPenney, I tried on a pair of skinny jeans. To my complete and utter surprise I not only looked cute, I looked good. Bear in mind that finding a fabulous fitting pair of jeans does not always happen for me. Most jean shopping excursions end with me in tears eating copious amounts of ice cream.
I bought these shoes for $12.99. I have held off on the ballerina slipper trend because I have bunions, and the shoe cuts into it. I did not want to type that out loud. The secret to the ballerina slipper, if you have gnarled feet like I do, is to purchase the next size or half size up. I wear a size 8 normally, so I bought the 8 1/2. I was feeling badly about my big feet until I remembered that Paris Hilton wears a size 11. That's not hott.

Pair the flats with your skinny jeans and you've got a look.

Target is carrying the most adorable brand of clothes now called Liberty of London. The tops are light and the colors are perfect for spring. You can dress them up or down, I love that.

If you are going for a more casual look, a plain white tee with a colorful scarf is perfect.
One final word about the skinny jeans. I promise you that you will most likely feel fat in your skinny jeans, but trust me, you look good. My sister and I agree that when we see the look on other women we always love it. Embrace the skinny jean!


Musings of a Housewife said...

A hobbit. Snort. I love skinny jeans with ballet flats. My new favorite look. I actually went out and bought a new pair of skinnies and 3 (yes THREE!) pair of ballet flats last week. FUN!

melissa said...

Love this look.And I love my skinny's. I think they are here to stay for at least another year, don't you?

andie said...

Well. I was wavering over some floral ballet flats online but not any more. I'll tell Matt to send his thanks to you. ;)

Laney said...

Melissa- I definitely think so! I was watching a runway show just the other night and designers are still sending them down the runway.

Urban Mom said...

I have to admit that I have been terrified of skinny jeans. You've convinced me to give them a shot! I need to figure out how to get to Target sans kids... it's the only way to shop there. Keep up these posts -- fun!