March 22, 2010

Random Monday

I don't like people who act like the boss of me, unless of course, you are my boss in which case you can act like the boss because you are paying me. The government is trying to be the boss of me and I don't like it one bit. Especially because they don't pay me, I pay them. A lot.

The boys have a friend over. I agreed to take him home so his mom did not have to go out, but then it started raining and I did not want to go out. I was thinking that we need an underground system like they have at the bank. Instead of putting your money or your check into the tube, you could put a person into it and just WOOSH! shoot them to their pre-selected destination. Then no one has to go out in the rain.

A certain time of the month makes me crave sugar, and today it was bad. My husband braved the rain and fetched me some of my favorite jelly beans. I have a jelly bean eating system. I know, issues. I eat the pink ones with the white ones. One pink, one white. Then the purples, two at a time. Always two at a time or the system is broken and the world falls off its axis. Then the reds. I don't like the green or yellow, and I save the black ones for when I am desperate.

I am still upset about Sandra Bullock. Part of me wants those two kids to work it out, and another part of me wants to see her throw knives at him while he spins on a wheel.

Spring is here, and we have bloomage in the backyard.

I added the google ads to my page and so far I have made a whopping .02. I think that is hilarious. It's just my two cents.


Amy said...

Skipping your first point because I just can't talke about it yet.

What we need is floo powder.

If you eat a yellow Skittle followed immediately by an orange one, the orange one tastes like baby aspirin. Or at least how I remember baby aspirin to taste. Which is awesome.

We have lots of blooms, too. In fact, I think a lot of people bought stuff at the nursery and planted last week. Then it snowed like it never snows in TX. That's totally great for my kids' business. He he.

I am an Amazon affiliate. You've made .02 more than me so far.

Fun post today!

Amy said...

Totally forgot to comment on SB. I just want to shake her. Did she not see his previous wife? Red. Flag.

Laney said...

I know! But I feel like she waited so long to get married, and was particular in what she wanted in a mate. He must have filled some of those qualities because she was willing to overlook the stripper wife.

Urban Mom said...

Poor SB... I like her. And I actually watched Celebrity Apprentice last year (my first reality show decadent indulgence) when JJ was on it. I liked him! He seemed so together, like he'd come so far. I'm proud of SB for showing him the door. So unlike Mrs. Woods, who should've unleashed her lawyers like a pack of pit bulls. Nice to see SB using the money and power that she brought to the marriage. Sad that she had to do it the week that she won the Academy Award. LOVE the spinning JJ on a wheel while SB throws knives idea!!!