March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday

I know! It's Friday already and I have only posted once, on Monday. In all fairness this was a crazy week. The health care monstrosity was passed, sadly, and I have been reeling from the shock. I considered not participating in Fashion Friday at all, but hey, we might as well shop for cute clothes and buy them while we can because pretty soon we will be spending all of our extra money paying for Juan and Carlos, the neighbors landscapers, to get MRI's and band-aids.

This week I want to talk about fashion trends that I am not fond of, and because of this I think that you should not wear them either. First, leggings are not pants. End.Of.Story. Please, please, I beg of you do not embrace this trend. Unless you have legs like toothpicks it is not attractive, and even then it is questionable at best because there is too much that can go wrong.

I give you exhibit A:

See? I am trying to save you from the snickering, pointing and staring that donning these pants posers will bring you.

And this? at a loss.
Ladies, we deserve better than this! If you ever see a man attempting to wear tights as legitimate pants you have my permission to hit him with your purse. I will bail you out of jail and be your character witness.

Next is the romper. You never want to wear a piece of clothing that, when googled, gives you the options: Romper for women or romper for infants. Just sayin'

We are moms, and what do moms do? They pick up their children. You pick up your child in this strapless number and you are bringing more to the playgroup than juice boxes. You are bringing a peep show and a whole lot of questions.

This one is not as bad, but seriously, this woman weighs 58 pounds and her legs look wide. What does that say for those of us who really are wide. Some fashions are made only to mock us, like 5 inch stilettos, and jersey knit jumpsuits.

Stay tuned for next week when I show you my thrift store finds that look anything but thrifty.


melissa said...

BWahahaha!!! I agree whole-heartedly! fashion "don'ts are waaay fun!! Good post!

Dy said...

ROFL! This was awesome! I remember hearing a comedian talking once about fashion. He said, "Ladies, if you never want to have sex again, wear anything, other than a towel, made out of terry cloth."

Oh, and I tried to comment on the "first post" post at the other one, but it won't take my comments. Good Soil Amy uses that same set up at Did I Say That Out Loud, and I can't leave comments there, either. Just a heads up.