March 30, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Two weeks ago I went to a furniture consignment store that I found through Craig's List. There was slim pickings as far as the furniture went, but the accessories were terrific. I am able to see beyond the first impressions of a lot of things, and these mirrors were no different. I loved the shape and the character of this first mirror, but not the color. I am not a fan of gold. For some reason this mirror reminded me of Marie Antoinette, which is odd, because I have never met her.

I knew exactly where this mirror would go once I painted it. I have been working on my dining room lately, and it is slow going. I recently replaced my window treatment. I had valances above the sliding glass doors, but I really wanted something a little dressier.

Here is a before picture sans valances. I took them down and was too lazy to put them back up to take a picture. Look at that clutter. Eeeeesh! And those bar stools. The previous owners left them here. What can I say, they were free. And don't get me started on that chandelier. It screams tacky! A few times a week I will actually stop what I am doing to look at it and say out loud to no one in particular, "I hate that hideous thing." It will be replaced soon.

I found these drapes on clearance at Pier One imports. The good news is they were $7.49 a piece. The bad news is there was only one in the store. I bought the one knowing that I would find another one, and I did. I loved the way they immediately transformed the room into a warm, inviting space. Ick. There's that chandelier again.

So back to the mirror. Here it is in its original gold color. I love the way the fleur de lis in the drapes matches the mirror.

Here it is in its new form. A can of black Krylon spray paint and it's a new piece. I didn't go crazy with the paint, I rather like the way the gold patina comes through.

These are the other mirrors that I bought. I decided to go with the white paint on these babies. The glass is not able to be removed so I used electrical tape to cover the it.
Again here, I liked the gold coming through. It gave the frame some character and an antique appearance. This picture frame I also painted white.

The finished product here in the bathroom off of the family room. I think I need something else on the right hand side of the picture, but this is good enough for now.

The total for all the mirrors and frame: $16. Not too shabby.


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The Foil Hat said...

Love the mirror and the frames!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Fantastic transformation! Good work. You're inspiring me to try a little harder with my own decorating. :)