April 1, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks

Found this at Amy's blog. My personal reading has been pushed to the back burner lately. This presents me with a great opportunity to make it a priority again.

Anyone care to join me?

And, more importantly, what are you reading? I need suggestions.

A Girl of the Limberlost
Blue Like Jazz
Going Rogue
Wisconsin Death Trip
The Swan House
The Glass Castle
Walking Home
Slow Fire
The Help
A Reliable Wife
Prisoner of Tehran
The Well and the Mine
Water for Elephants
Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace
Writing Down the Bones
Words Fail Me
The Writing Life
Breathing Lessons
To Kill a Mockingbird
Band of Sisters
The Girl Who Chased the Moon
Left for Dead


Anonymous said...

I started a thread a few days ago on the wtm board asking for 'delicious' novel ideas. It's been a little while since I've read fiction. There were lots of great suggestions on there.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...it didn't let me enter my name/url. That would be from Jenn in Mo

andie said...

Oooh, Laney! I like the new blog design.

I'm reading Outliers right now. Carrie insisted.

Jenn, can you link that thread? Here or on fb somewhere?

mindy said...

I'll join you, Laney!! I was just lamenting yesterday that my reading has dropped substantially this year and I'd like to pick it back up! (Just finished Outliers...again, Carrie insisted. It was very interesting.)

Laney said...


Andie- I know, I love the new design, too. Jo-Lynne, she has the ad on my sidebar, helped me. She is so talented!

Jenn! Hey girl! Thanks for the link.

Mindy- i know you have been a *little* busy. :-D

Laney said...

Outliers it is.

The Foil Hat said...

Our spring break starts tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to doing some reading. I find it hard to do a lot of reading when we're doing school. Here's a link to my blog where I list some of the books I read over Christmas break. http://myfoilhat.blogspot.com/2010/01/whats-everyone-reading.html

Amy said...


That's the link for the button. It's on my photobucket - it's fine if you use that.

I just finished The Poisonwood Bible (about a decade after everyone else). It was excellent. Depressing and excellent. I'm about halfway through The Help now, and it's so. dang. good. Must read.

Also reading Blood of Brothers about Nicaragua in the 70's and 80's. Good stuff.

Amy said...

I have to agree - I really liked Outliers. It's reviewed on my blog. Really interesting.