March 15, 2010

A few clowns short of a circus

***EDIT: I don't know why my pictures are showing up so small and grainy looking. If you click on them they will get larger.

Saturday morning we went to the circus. When I say "went" I mean braved the elements by venturing out into the Terrible Rain Storm of March 2010, but more on that later. My sister and her brood joined us, which was awesome because I got to munch on her girls. Nom-nom.

We arrived early enough for the pre-show, but Joe wanted no part of going down onto the main floor. He shares my aversion to clowns. In fact, when we originally told him that we were taking him to the circus he began to cry and responded tearfully, "I can't go the circus because there are clowns there." We took him anyway. We are all about forcing our children to face their fears. We can pay for therapy later. (Oh, I kid. I kid!) For me it is not the clowns per se, but the balloons that clowns are usually carrying. Balloons = loathe.

Jeremy wanted this crazy hat. The fact that it was attached to a bag of cotton candy only sweetened the deal. I told him to show me 'jazz hands.' It looks more like he is showing 'that bus is going to hit me' hands. (He is standing right next to me and laughing so I know he approves this ad.)
These gentleman were amazing! They were dancing. On stilts. I trip over nothing while barefoot.
The Greatest Show on Earth begins!
We all agreed that the tiger show was not that impressive, and it pains me to say that because I love the tigers. The tigers seemed bored, and the most exciting thing about the trainer was his pants. They were the tightest leather pants that I have ever seen. I found myself thinking about how he was able to get them on, and not about the tigers. Later on that night I told my husband that if he really wanted to give people a show he should not use the cage. That would be edge of your seat entertainment.

The high flying pirates. Oh, how we loved these people! Everything about this part of the show was perfection, from the costumes to the music, to the stunts! And, check me out! Catching the guy in mid air. Not literally, with my camera, I mean.
The elephants. Hands down, my favorite circus animal. The kids thought it was hilarious that one of them went pee. I told them it would have been more hilarious if one of them had pooped because their poops are the size of basketballs. Excuse me, I am just channeling my inner 13 year old boy.I was thinking that if I were to ever join the circus, this is the job I would want. But then I remembered that being pushed on a playground swing makes me nauseous, so it look like I would have to settle for the less glamorous, but oh so important, elephant poop cleaner-upper.
The last act of the circus. These performers were simply amazing! The costumes were pure perfection. Each time the performer jumped, the material would lift, almost like wings, giving the performer the appearance of being in flight. It was truly a sight to behold.

A great time was had by all, and I tried not to keep track of how much money we spent on cheap light up plastic. Also, both boys said, when asked, that they would not like to join the circus and clown college is not the place from which they hoped to graduate, so we dodged that bullet.

We arrived back home to find that our power was out, and would remain out until 8:15 Sunday morning. We made the best of it until I needed coffee, and really, how long can you sit in the house in the dark with nothing to do? I announced that we were going to Target.

My husband asked, "How do you know that Target has power?"

"Because it is Target, they just will." I replied.

I was wrong. They did not have power. We had to drive three towns over to find a Dunkin' Donuts with power.

The best part of not having power is you have nothing to keep you awake. We all were in bed, and sleeping, by 10pm. We are wild and crazy, I know.

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Jersey Girl said...

Excellent commentary and I so enjoyed the photos. It's almost like being there myself. Thanks.