March 12, 2010

Fashion Friday

As I was blog hopping last week I found Big Mama. I was immediately drawn to her Fashion Friday posts. I love fashion! And, I love Fridays. The only bummer is that when a blogger writes about an awesome little sumthin'-sumthin' that they found on Etsy, it sells out quickly. I already e-mailed the seller to inquire as to when she would have more. I want that pin, and more importantly, I think that pin wants me.

As I was watching Project Runway last night I noticed commercials for Old Navy. Ninety percent of the time I am watching television, it is through my DVR as I loathe commercials. But I noticed the Old Navy one, because of the skirts, and stopped to take a look see. I absolutely love skirts. You can cover a multitude of sins under their billowy goodness. When I put on a skirt I instantly feel feminine and lovely. Today I am going to Old Navy to get one, or three, because at $15 they are quite a good buy. In a perfect world they would be $5. I want to pay five dollars for everything.
Adorable, right? Now imagine it with a pale yellow tank or t-shirt, some kicky sandals, and funky accessories.

I can honestly say that I am not loving the spring trend of short skirts. I am not tall, my legs are akin to stumps and short skirts just do not work for me. My sister has legs up to her arm pits and can pull off a shorter skirt with no problem. But we don't wear super shorts skirts because we are not those kinds of girls.

This dress from Anthropologie. How do I love this dress? If this were the Randy Jackson school of fashion you would hear, "I got mad love for this dress, dawg."

And these shoes, again from Anthropologie. Neither of these items are five dollars. They are not even fifteen dollars. They are more dollars than I have, or would ever consider spending unless everyone in this house decides that living on ice chips and grass is a fine idea. But I can appreciate that they are lovely things.

***EDIT*** The Etsy seller sent me a message that she has a pin for me. I told her that I would give her a blog shout out. I love all of her items, they are beautiful and unique. Stop by her shop and give her some love. Embrace spring with something cute from Plain T's.

In the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it harmonious."


Amy said...

I love the skirt look. Love it. I don't love the elastic waist, though. Those kind of skirts entice my belly forward in an unbecoming way. I need structure around the belly. And crunches.

melissa said...

Love, Love, LOVE the Anthropologie dress. You could lengthen legs with the AWESOME trend this spring toward nude heeled sandals and wedges! Legs "up to there" in an instant! So glad that you are blogging again. I'm....not...quite...there..yet. Too many distractions!!I can feel it, though. And this whole fashion Friday may be just what I needed!!!

Laney said...

LOL, Amy. Crunches. *snort*

Laney said...

Easy for you to say, Melissa, you are a hottie!:-)

Laney said...

You're losing the male readers with fashion Friday. Oh, wait a minute. I read the post and just wanted to comment. Welcome back to my lovely wife!

The Foil Hat said...

OK - I would look like a linebacker in that dress, but I just sent the link to my neighbor. It's too cute for SOMEONE not to have it. Love the skirt - I love skirts in the summer.

You've inspired me to move out of my sons' hand-me-downs and my husband's old t-shirts. How did I become this sloppy person? ;)

Thanks. Happy you're blogging again!

Laney said...

Amy- Don't feel too badly, some days I never get out of my jammies.


The Classical Family said...

Ugh! I love the Anthropologie dress. If you see it go on sale for 90% off please e-mail me!

Dy said...

I need to live significantly closer to both Laney and Melissa, and then, I need a personal seamstress. She could bunk with the ambiguously gay massage therapy student I plan to rent a room to soon.

Eventually, my plan will come to fruition, and I will be relaxed and dressed perfectly for any occasion!

Laney said...

LOL, Dy!

That is quite a plan!:-)