March 11, 2010

You and me could write a bad romance

Some days are harder than others to get going. Today? Today I just can't get going. Things working against me today:

1. Lack of sleep. Husband on nights= insomnia. I can't help it. I am askeered of things that go bump in the night. Who will protect me? Certainly not our 8 pound dog.

2. The mild weather. My kids are buh-nan-uhs. B.A.N.A.N.A.S. If I had a nickel for everytime I yelled "FOCUS!" this morning, I could finally get that botox I have been wanting.

3. Facebook. Other people's lives are so much more interesting than mine.

4. Lady Ga-Ga. I can't get the "Bad Romance" song out of my head. Frankly, it is driving me crazy. How do you stop a song from running through your head? Replace it with another one? But which one? A 70's disco song?An 80's hair band ballad? A 90's angry gen-Xer theme song?

5. Brach's jelly beans. I want some and I have none. This is a disturbance in the force.

6. Dust bunnies. I can see them under my baseboards. They bother me, but not enough that I will actually get on my hands and knees and dust under there. I have better things to do, like watch clips of the Brady Bunch on You Tube.

7. Galore Park latin. Can someone else come and teach it today? Please? I can pay you, I have nickels.

I think that's all.

Is "Bad Romance" running through your head now?

You're welcome.


andie said...

It's not, but only because Dy already put Kid Rock in there a couple of hours ago. ;)

Amy said...

It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world.

You're welcome!

Laney said...

Oh, that was beyond cruel, Amy.