April 13, 2010


This past weekend my mom and I went garage saleing. Saling? Sailing? We went to some garage sales. That's better. Some garage sale days are a total bust, this day was not. We decided to be spontaneous and just follow the signs around town. This proved to be a terrific strategy. I finally found a garlic press, and for $o.5o. I have said before that $5.oo is my favorite price, I want to pay $5 for everything. My next favorite price is $0.5o. I refuse to pay $5.oo for a garlic press because, hello? Cheap.

I also bought an adorable little glass jar, and a scarf for $o.5o. I had to break out the big bucks for a vanity mirror, it was $5.oo.

Behold! The booty!

Holy blurry photograph, Batman! KA-POW!

Hot pink. I'm fresssshhh like that.

Now, I can't decide in which bathroom I want to utilize this light. The family room bath which really gets the most use, or the upstairs bath that we share with Joe. The upstairs bath is not what you would call "updated.". I sit in there in 2010 and wait for the phone to ring. "It's 1970," someone will say, "We want our bathroom back."

Mom and I stopped at one garage sale, and it was somewhere around 10:15. There was an adorable young man there who was just setting up. He would drag a box out of the garage and we would look through it as he went back to the garage for another. We teased him about being set up before he put the signs out, and he told us that he had stayed out too late the night before.

When I looked in one of his boxes everything became crystal clear. I spy something beginning with the letter 'B'. It was a bong. He was selling a bong. I asked my mother if she wanted it and she said she already has one. (Oh, I kid!)

So tell me, what was your best garage sale purchase?

And also, should I spray paint the mantel white? The black stone is too...something. I don't know what, I just don't like it. I want to spray paint it and have it magically turn into a wooden mantle with built-in bookshelves on either side, but I don't think that product is on the market yet.


Dy said...

Have you ever tried to hit yard sales with five children and an undecisive husband in tow? No. Well, that's a good thing. And, that's why I have no great yard sale finds of which to boast. Because there would also be therapy to pay for, bodies to hide, passports to forge...

I need a buddy nearby who would let me go with her, and leave the rest of the herd at home. :-) It's not nearly as much fun to ask some stranger if she wants to buy some guy's bong.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I kinda like the black mantle. But LOL on the bong.