April 14, 2010

Save the Library! Save the Library!

One of our towns greatest assets is the public library. It is a very small library, but the librarians are top notch. We are on a first name basis. They know us, and they treat us well. They put books aside that they think might further our home school studies. They offer creative suggestions, and point us in the right direction when we are confused. Furthermore, as home schoolers, the library is one of our most precious resources, and I do not take the access to it lightly.

Last week, when I went in to pick up my weekly slew of books, I was met with some disturbing news. The New Jersey libraries are under threat of proposed budget cuts to be manifested in the form of library closures, elimination of state aid, and elimination of the inter library loan system, or ILL. As I said previously, our library is very small and because of that they do not offer the largest selection of materials. This fact never really concerned me because 90% of my library patronage comes from ILL. So you can well imagine my consternation over the proposed cuts.

I fully understand that times in New Jersey are tough. People are out of work, and losing their homes. Taxes are too high, and people are fleeing the state at an alarming rate. Cuts need to be made, and drastic changes need to occur. But. Leave the libraries alone. There must be a better way to trim the budget.

I am going to go all Back to the Future and start running around town screaming, "SAVE THE LIBRARY! SAVE THE LIBRARY!"

File under: Stupid government tricks.

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Laney said...

I can't believe that no one cares enough about the libraries to comment. ;-p