May 13, 2010

Back on track

I would have posted yesterday, but I had to re-group. And by "re-group" I mean find my sanity. I am always losing it. Why is that? Why do my children drive me to the edge? What evil pleasure do they derive from seeing me go completely berserk? I don't know. But I do know that if I saw me go berserk, I would not be so eager to witness it again which brings me back to my first question. Why do my children drive to to the edge?

Tuesday I had had it. No one was listening. No one was cooperating. No one was being have. (Translated that is 'behaving'. Being have is one of my favorite southern expressions.) I wanted nothing more than to sit on the couch with a can of Betty Crocker strawberry mist whipped frosting and a spoon eating myself into a stupor from sugar and red dye #40. But I could not do that because I had to be at a Cub Scout meeting at 6:30 and the children needed to be fed.

As soon as we arrived at the church and went into the building, I ran into my good friend and fellow committee member. She saw on my face just how stressed I was and then she saw the shell shocked faces of my children and knew that we were all stressed.

"Awww," she began, compassion oozing from her voice. "Rough day? Do we need to pray?"

Why, yes, yes we do.

She grabbed all of us and just began to pray. She prayed that God's presence would be with us and that we would have a blessed rest of the week. In that moment I felt a huge weight lift, and I believe my boys felt it, too. How thankful I am for Godly friends who are not afraid to address the issues of the heart and storm the gates of heaven for us.

So yesterday was a re-group day. Some days I just need them. I needed to be free of the internet's lure. I needed to saturate myself in reality and enjoy my children instead of wanting to hide from them in the bathroom. It was a good day.

My break from reality yesterday came only in the form of Marina Nemat's book Prisoner of Tehran. Have you read this book? You should. As I read chapter after chapter last night, tears filled my eyes. I was overcome with emotion as I read Marina's story of survival and faith.

We have another busy ahead of us, and we are looking forward to Survivor tonight. I am so over Russell, I really would love to see the rest of the survivors blindside him and knock him off of his self-ordained pedestal. This season has not been the same since they got rid of the Rob Father. What do you think? Will Russell win?


Laney said...


rockygrace said...

You know, I can't stand Russell, but he IS the best player, so I guess he should win. I am just amazed that the other players haven't booted him out already, but then again, maybe they want to go to the final two with him, because everyone hates him and will vote against him. That's how he lost the last one.

I watch too much TV. *sigh*

Laney said...

You and me both, sister, you and me both.

Last season I really thought that he should have won, Natalie was a coat-tail rider. But this season, it is just too much Russell.

I want my husband to go on Survivor, he could win because he is strong and does not irritate people. LOL I don't think that I would do well because I don't like to be cold.

Ashley said...

Once my daughter was born, my mind fell by the wayside. Only God knows where it went.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if Russel won. But I think he plays the game better than anybody, he is so aggressive, and thinks through everything, but he is mean. And cocky. I have no idea who will win..but I think they will all be pissed off with Russell to vote for him. I just don't want somebody who has already wond survivor to win again.