May 27, 2010

Operating Heavy Machinery

Oh, hello. Are you still there?

This is my woefully neglected blog. Woefully neglected because I was run over by a steam roller full of "life". Yes, life has been busy, and exhausting.

We are busy wrapping up the end of year for scouts, pioneer club, and co-op. Notice I did not mention school. Sadly, that will not be over until sometime in July, hopefully. Taking a long winter break always sounds so good in the winter, when we are taking the break in Florida with my parents. But when reality sets in and I am still knee deep in geometry, handwriting, and history in June, well, I want to stab myself in the head with a fork.

Pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Please dont stab yourself in the head with a fork, that would hurt.
Go take a run, and get those endorphins going.

Cotton Blossom said...

Yep..could have written this post word for word.