May 20, 2010

Johnny Winter is killing me

The silly bandz craze has hit us. As of now, he only has the ones that are shaped like cars and trucks. Because he is so young, and really does not know any better, I don't think that this is an issue. He is just thrilled to be a part of the fad. And, oh my gosh, how cute is this child?

Kevin worked nights last night and that for me, as always, means that I did not sleep well. A few weeks ago a friend of mine called me to let me know that a sex offender had just gotten out of prison and was living just two blocks away from us. I was extremely upset because I had finally unpacked the last of the boxes and now we were going to have to move again. My husband assured me that moving would not be necessary.

I was not alone in my upsetness and fear. My neighbors were also alerted to the news and rallied. They printed up some flyers and distributed them to all of the residents within the criminals radius. We had a long conversation with the boys about what they should do should they see this person. We also found out that one of the neighborhood girls had just seen the person, at the park! Why? I ask you, Why are convicted sex offenders allowed to live near parks?

These are a few of the laws that we residents of New Jersey must obey:
-It is illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a murder.
-You cannot pump your own gas.
-You may not slurp your soup.
-It is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon.

Heaven forbid we offend someone's sensibilities by slurping our soup, or detain a homing pigeon from delivering its news that, what? The Redcoats are coming?

But, yes, let's expose our children to a sex offender in a park. Stupid New Jersey. Stupid laws that protect the scum of the earth instead of law abiding citizens. Gah!

Anyway. I barely slept and now, for some strange reason I have the song Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo running through my head. Maybe now you will, too.

I'm sorry.


Laura M. said...

You need a dog. Eventually, there will be a law saying that you may not have a dog that growls at sex offenders because it somehow consitutes discrimination, but until then, train him to rip their faces off. :)

Laney said...

We have a dog, and she does like to bark at strangers. But she is a Lhasa, the worst she can do is nit at your ankles. :-)

Anonymous said...

Does your system let you know what kind of offense it was? Ours is deplorably vague - the 19yo dork who got busted sleeping w/ his 16.5yo girlfriend (when she had a pg. scare and didn't want to get in trouble, so she yelled "rape!") gets the same stamp - involving a minor - as the creep who lured elem. aged children into the playground bathroom.

Seriously? They consider them to be the same threat level? Could we not be just a little bit more clear about what the actual problem entailed, please?


Laney said...

They classify them as levels. This person was convicted of something involving a minor girl and a few other things. He did 12 years.

I know that many times cases like the one you mentioned happen. They really need to be more specific in terms of what the public knows.

Alaina said...

It is definately terrible to have a sex offender move into your neighborhood. I do not like my children playing in the front yard when I can not see them. It is not my kids I don't trust, it is the rest of the world.

Cotton Blossom said...

Aaaahhh! Your post have not been showing up on my dash! Or maybe they have, but are getting pushed down to the bottom before I get the chance to read them. Prolly that crazy chit chat blog.
I'm going to put up a chit chat blog roll of followers blogs as soon as I can steal a minute.

So I can't sleep when my husband is gone either. It's better now that we don't live on Main St.

Sorry about the stress that man livng near your home has caused.

And I agree, your son is precious!