May 19, 2010

This and That

John is in the middle of reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for school. At first the language and Twain's style of writing had him in a sour mood. I began to read aloud to him from the book and the situation took a turn. Suddenly, he was enjoying the book and was eager to read it on his own. Now, every so often, I will hear him laughing to himself, or calling, "Mom! Listen to this!." He proceeded to read to me the line, "What a curious kind of fool a girl is," and then laughed out loud to himself.

Joe has discovered silly bandz. He asked me to take him to the dollar store today to buy some. A boy who loves cheap dollar store junk? I know now that he is truly my son, despite looking exactly like his father.


Last Friday Kevin and I went to garage sales together. I saw it going a lot differently in my mind than the reality that played out. I over-romanticized the morning together. Things that don't bother me at all bother him a lot. For instance, I see no reason to panic when the truck is low on gas. As long as the gas light does not come on we are good, and even when it does come on, we can still go for miles. I like to live on the edge, I explained to him. Anyone can drive around with a full tank of gas, but only thrill seekers drive around on almost empty. For me getting gas = irritating.


I dream about jelly beans. I think that I am going to have to order some from Amazon.


Marathon post coming soon!

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Camille said...

The kiddos and I just finished listening to Tom Sawyer on audio CD. We loved it.

Can't wait to read the marathon post.