June 8, 2010

Bad mother

Few things in the world make you feel worse as a parent than when your child comes to you and says, "The tooth fairy forgot to take my tooth last night."

Talk about feeling like a putz. My mind began to race with excuses, and I found myself becoming irritated with Kevin because he put Joe down last night. He should have remembered. (I was hard at work putting another coat of paint on the dresser.)

*Dad forgot to tell her.

*I forgot to tell her.

*She called in sick.

*She is on strike until the union settles.

I could not bear to look at his face. So I said, "Let me go and check. Maybe she came while we were outside with Sami." I quickly ran upstairs, making a detour to my bedroom first, and grabbed four quarters from the change jar.

"Joe," I called, "Come and check again."

"Okay!" he cheerfully answered.

As I began to make his bed, he inspected the tooth pillow pocket. "Ooooohhh!" he cried. "She didn't forget about me."

And then my heart exploded.

How could I be so forgetful?

Joe was fine, though, and quickly forgot the tooth fairy's shunning of him as he plotted how he was going to spend his money.

File under: You stink as a mother.


awal.ny said...

Do NOT feel bad. My son's tooth fairy not only forgot but left the tooth and note that he wrote to the tooth fairy in a place where son found AGAIN. We had to write a letter to tooth fairy letting her know we found the tooth she dropped.

I was trying to save the note for when he gets older. Nope not any more, gone, garbage.

He is such a snoop. I tear my hair out at holiday time.

Please do not feel bad, we have all done those forgetful things.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, don't feel too bad, because your kid has already moved on. I (we) forgot som much with all 4 of our kids we had to come clean...uh there is NO tooth fairy...and then when they knew it was me...they would come and say "you didnt give me money for my tooth"....so when that didn't work we just handed out change the minute the tooth left the mouth.....you can't for get when the kid is standing before you with a tooth in their hand.

We never said there was an Easter bunny or Santa because I could not keep up with the facade, (we) were not too good at telling the kids these tales, so we gave up. And you know what? they all thanked us when they got into their teens for NOT letting them believe that fluff.

Don't worry, we know you are a good mom because you are worried and cared....

Laney said...

Thanks, girls. We have moved on. :-)

Anonymous said...

Our kids are dropping more teeth than we can keep track of - I think there might be some double dipping involved where my middle child is concerned...we've settled on "you weren't in bed on time so she flew on by".

People come to us for parenting advice, can you tell?

Cotton Blossom said...

Kids have twenty baby teeth, my boy has lost most of those... and I've probably done this at least 6 times. It builds character, or so I tell myself.