June 30, 2010

Contact Dermatitis...

...otherwise known as Poison Ivy.

I have poison ivy, and it is not fun. It is itchy and gooey and gross. I actually can't believe that I have it because I swore that I was not allergic to it. My dear husband, who used to do tree work for a living, frequently contracted poison ivy, and me, being in close proximity to him, never got it. In my pea brain that meant I was immune to the allergen. Oh, ignorance is bliss, until it covers you in its oil and makes you so itchy that you want to scream.

I became infected with poison ivy while helping my husband take down a tree for my aunt. I am the ground crew meaning I drag brush and rake up debris. John has the fun job of being the rope guy. He gets to hold onto the rope while Kevin cuts the limbs. I sometimes get bumped to assistant rope girl when there is an exceptionally heavy limb to fell.

I have googled home remedies for poison ivy and there are some really good ones out there. Apple cider vinegar helps with the itch. Baking soda also helps with the itch and acts as a drying agent. Goldenseal counteracts the itch and promotes skin healing. And, of course, good 'ol hydro cortisone cream soothes the itching and burning. One website also said to use bleach to dry it out and help diminish the itch, and out of sheer desperation I would have used it, but we did not have any.

So last night I was dabbing apple cider vinegar on my arms to keep from scratching, and it really did help. Before I went to bed I slathered goldenseal and hydro cortisone cream all over arms and then lightly dusted myself in baking soda. I felt like a breaded chicken cutlet. I also reeked of salad. I ingested copious amounts of Benadryl and called it a night. Who says housewives don't know how to have a good time?

This morning I am happy to report that the rash has lessened in its severity and has stopped spreading. I am not happy to report that my bed is covered in baking soda and feels like someone dumped a pail of beach sand in it.

Today I will resist the urge to scratch. I will continue to smell like a garden salad though.


Alaina said...

I feel for you! I too am allergic and I had it the worst when my daughter was only 3 months old and I was breast feeding and I had it on my, yes, oh no fun. I must have been hiking up the tank top. Thank goodness babies are immune. I wish you fast healing.

Amy said...

Images of Phoebe with chicken pox on a Friends episode are running through my head.

Feel better!

Laney said...

LOL, Amy!

Alaina- The thought of poison ivy there is...wow.

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

OOh, if only I had known all this a month ago! I got poison ivy and I could not find any good remedies that worked -- at least now I know -- hopefully the itchiness stops soon!