June 28, 2010

Garage Sale Round-up

Behold! The booty!

I had lady luck on my side Saturday morning. I went to 6 garage sales, bought 11 items and spent $8.00. Saturday was the day of the quarter. The phrase most heard was, "Just make it go away." Shazam! Me likey.

Four of the things that I bought were not worth photographing. They are shovels. Right across the street from our house is a park. In that park is a huge hill which is better known as "The Trails." The Trails is basically a set of jumps and tabletops that the boys ride on their bikes. They require maintenance. With shovels. Shovels that seem to disappear. Apparently they really do grow legs and walk away. This makes my husband grumpy because every once in a while he likes to dig for buried treasure, and he can't find his shovel. (Not really.) So every so often I tap into my garage sale budget and buy shovels for my husband so that he can dig stuff up. This makes him very happy.

I bought an awesome picture frame from a woman who recently cleaned out her grandmothers house. She said it was from the 1940s. I took the glass out to clean it, and I loved the way that it looked just open. I also cut my thumb on the glass, it is not like the glass in modern day frames.

I have been looking for some foam to make pillows for a day bed that we have in our office/guestroom, and I found the perfect one for a bolster. I also found some awesome garden stakes, a round table, and a candle holder with some hideous purple beads hanging off of it, but I loved the color and shape so I bought it knowing that all I needed to fix it was a pair nose pliers. I popped those ugly beads off and it was a new piece.

So round it up! What did you find this weekend, and what do you plan on doing with it?

Pictures of the dresser intervention are forthcoming. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture now.


Laney said...

I won't be around until tonight. We are headed up to my aunt's house to help her with some yardwork.:-)

shelly @ the familyblt said...

Don't you love garage sales! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :)