June 22, 2010

Pour moi?

Imagine my surprise when I ventured on over to Arbor House Lane this morning to check in with her, and saw that she had presented me with an award! I feel as if I should have a speech prepared. I am hardly ready for the Kodak Theater stage as I just woke up and am suffering from bedhead and I have sheet marks on my face, plus my Versace gown is at the cleaners.

Since taking a blogging hiatus it has been slow going in restoring a readership and comments. Some days I just blog for me, and the "comments 0" at the end of the post does not bother me. But then there are other days when I think, "No one thinks that was funny?" It is like that scene in You've Got Mail when Meg Ryan arrives home after waiting at the coffee shop for her mystery man only to have a horrific encounter with Tom Hanks, and then she checks her e-mail to see why her mystery man stood her up, and her inbox reads, No mail. Poor Meg.

And then I am reminded of the old saying, I am not much but I am all I think about. That reality check brings me back to the Earth and I once again blog for me. But the truth is, I love reading your comments. It makes me happy. Don't you want to make me happy? This award makes me happy because it means that my mother is not the only one reading my blog.

Here are the terms and conditions:

Thank the one whom passed the award to you.
Tell 7 things about you.
Pick 15 bloggers to pass the award onto.

Seven things about me? I think that I am going to go way back into the archives for this one. This is from January 2008, and they still apply.

1. I can't eat Life Savers one at a time. I have to put two in my mouth at the same time. Every time.

2. In high school I was involved in a french fry fight in a McDonalds and asked to leave said Mickey D's by... gulp... a policeman.

3. I hate balloons.

4. Opening cans of refrigerated biscuits scares the daylights out of me. I anticipate the POP and I gasp. Every.Single.Time. I think that I am prematurely gray because of this.

5. Shopping in messy stores makes me nervous. I begin refolding clothes and straightening hangers until good sense kicks in and I just leave.

6. I once barfed up rotini and haven't been able to eat it since.

7. I still believe that there is a chance for me to become an Olympic figure skater. I just need a leotard and a partner.

Now for the 15 people to pass this award to:
1. Dy Classic Adventures
2. Amy Did I Say That Out Loud?
3. Amy My Foil Hat
4. Hillary No Harm Done
5. Donna Quiet Life
6. Cranberry Cottage
7. Val Urban Mom

I can only pick 7. I hope that is not awful. A lot of the other blogs that I read, I don't always comment on, and I don't want to go giving out awards to people that I don't know because I am vain and I don't want them to think that I am crazy or pathetic.

Thank-you again to Arbor House Lane. You made my day!


Alaina said...

Gosh you made me laugh this morning. So no McDonald's fries for your kids or did you move out of the vicinity?
As far as the skating, it is good to have a dream. Honest is a great quality to have, 7 is a lucky number.

Amy said...

How cool is that. Thank you very much. You are indeed crazy, but certainly not pathetic.

And I love that you are blogging regularly. It makes me happy!