June 25, 2010

Summer TV

So You Think You Can Dance is one of the television shows that we like to watch during the summer. Let me stress, we like the dancing only. Cat Deeley, the host, is straight up annoying. She is British, and I have nothing personal against the Brits, they are a perfectly lovely people group, it is just Cat. The way she mispronounces words drives us to distraction! There is no "R" at the end of the word America. And, furthermore, it is judges", not "jidges."

I don't know who it is that is responsible for dressing Cat, but they need to seriously rethink their fashion philosophy. Half the time Cat takes the stage she looks like a craft project gone horribly wrong, or a Muppet exploded and she was caught in the spray of feathers, glitter and googly eyes. I will say this though, the girl has great legs!

This is my favorite dance so far this season. I wish that the story leading up to what inspired the choreography was included because it makes the dance that much more powerful. It is based on a woman finding herself in an abusive relationship, something I cannot relate to but can definitely feel through the the story of the dance.

Amazing. If only I could dance like that. When I dance I resemble a dancing elephant in the circus, that is never a good look for television.

On a completely unrelated note, I am loving Beyonce. First Glee reeled me in with "All The Single Ladies" and now I find myself humming "If I Were a Boy."

What are you watching this summer?

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