July 28, 2010

Carefully tying together Hillbillies and pedicures

Yesterday, quite spontaneously, my mother and I went to get pedicures. I chose a lavender color, something I would not normally choose. I usually pick some shade of coral that ends up looking like the exact shade of coral that the nail tech just removed, only with a different name. The name of my color is called, Easy to Get. Hmmmm.

My mother and I were telling the ladies that were doing our toes that we were getting ready to go camping. They were simply fascinated as to why we would choose to go into the woods with no running water, no electricity and no cell phone service. Fascinated and intrigued, they were. They peppered us with honest and genuine questions and really seemed to come around to the idea. One of the ladies even asked me to write down some basic information as to where we camp. I think that we are going to see them in the woods sometime soon.

We are packing this week in preparation to leave for vacation. We are going camping up in the beautiful mountains of Lake George NY, we do it every year and it never gets old.

Kevin has a new plan for packing this year. He is bringing the trailer. Apparently we are kicking it Sanford and Son style. His exact words were, "I am going to line the trailer with firewood and then lay a tarp over it to secure it. Then I am going to pack the camping stuff on top of it and lay another tarp to secure that. That way, everything will be on the trailer and the vehicles will be empty. We will have more room inside."

I love that he is always looking out for our comfort, but the image that popped into my mind was this.

The only difference is our dog is smaller.

It does, however, beat the year that we had a huge, and I mean huge fight the night before we left for vacation and Kevin, out of sheer frustration with me, just simply threw everything into the back of the pick-up truck. That was fun. I am glad that we don't do that anymore.


Alaina said...

I hope you have lots of fun and the lavender on the toes does not attract any bear. My family and I are going to venture to a family cottage in Canada for a week at the end of August and your pitching it in the back of the truck story is going to be playing in my head while I try to fit three kids and all the gear in my MINI van. Oh and the loud children are sure to drive Dad crazy for sure. I am not sure who's vacation this is going to be, maybe my neighbors whom will be left at home. Have a safe trip and bring back lots of fun stories.

Laney said...

Bears? I never even considered them! LOL