July 27, 2010

Garage sale round-up

This past weekend I was only able to get to a few garage sales. First it was hotter than hell's waiting room, second I got a visual migraine that threw me for a loop- they wipe me out for hours.

I was blessed, however, with good garage sale fortune. I found a Prada bag for $2.00. I don't think that it is a real Prada, and that is fine. I just loved the color and the style. It will be a great bag for the fall. I found a great pair of winter gloves for $1.00. Gloves and socks, the two things that I cannot keep pairs of. Why is that? What makes someone take off one glove and discard the other? Mind-boggling, it is.

That yellow pail, it was fifty cents. I am using it as a garbage receptacle in my family room bath. Lurve it. I scored a wisteria scented Yankee candle for seventy-five cents, and two candle holders for $1.00 each.

My mother is here, which is why I have been so scarce on the interwebz. We are just finishing up re-upholstering and slip covering my living room couch. I will reveal it on Thursday.

Does anyone get visual migraines? What is up with these things? I can't identify the trigger because they are so random in their occurrences. Any input is appreciated.

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Alaina said...

Great finds, always a joy when you get the best prices. I can't wait to see the slipcovered sofa. How wonderful for you to have mom to help.