July 9, 2010

A few things

1. I am going to make up shirts that say, "(blank child that is going to prematurely age me) please use wisdom. I do not want to go to the ER today."

2. I officially have Hobby Lobby envy. It is just not right that there are no Hobby Lobby stores in New Jersey. We have the highest per capita taxes, and terrible air quality. The least the powers that be could do is get me a Hobby Lobby to make up for all that is wrong.

3. We found a couch on Craig's List and are going to get it today. This may not seem like earth shattering news to you, but this is a big deal. Our current set has...issues. It is a couch that has recliners. When you pull the side cord, the foot rest pops out which is a lovely feature. Except for the fact that one of the recliners is busted beyond repair and the foot rest part flies up on its own at the most inconvenient times, like when you are standing in front of it and it takes out your shins. Ow. Also, the pull cords to lift the footrests are deep in the sides of the couch which, again, is lovely because the hardware is hidden, but the pouches collect unwanted items. In the years since having this set I have found a wide assortment of food stuffs, legos, toothpicks, fingernails, matchbox cars, money, socks, utensils, Playmobile, and various and sundry items that were not meant to be there. To this couch I say, good riddance!

4. I am having weird food cravings. Like I want to eat a stick of butter. That's new.

5. Poison ivy update, because I know that everyone is living for moment that my poison ivy runs its course. A lot of clearing up. So far no scarring, because I thought there would be after The Great Scratching Fiasco of Wednesday.

6. I am looking for suggestions for books on gardening. What book has revolutionized your outside living?

I am off to find some butter.


Alaina said...

I with you on the child thing. Summer vacation has only just begun and they, all three can drive me crazy at any time of the day.
Hobby Lobby, I have heard it is great and we have one close but I have not made the trek, I hate driving thruways.
You lost me on the butter thing.
I have tried to use garden books but I usually do not like their color combinations so I had to just find what I like and repeat, repeat, repeat. That is what helped my gardens stay cohesive. Have fun, glad the ivy is almost done.

Laney said...

Alaina, you dear girl! Sticking with me through the ivy saga.:-)3jboyske

Trac~ said...

Good luck on the couch thing today! :o) I am totally LOL over the stick of butter thing - are you pregnant and having weird cravings by chance? When we were growing up, my sister, used to literally eat sticks of butter or even soft butter by the spoonfuls on a daily basis - it is a weird craving for sure. I hope your poision ivy gets better soon my friend - it sure looks bad. Big hugs! :o)

Camille said...

I don't like a lot of the gardening books but I love this website.


Lots of great advice and inspiration. Also, totally OT but you are killing me with your marathon story...or lack thereof. Please finish it so I can sleep again. :)