July 13, 2010

Garage sale round-up

This past weekend was a blur of activity. I committed to helping out with the Body Pump launch at the gym where I teach group fitness. The classes that I agreed to help with both took place in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, the prime yard sale time. I had to get really creative with my time to be able to hit a few sales.

I found this adorable plant stand and basket for $2.00. The stand was originally bronze and the basket was brown. I knew that it would look better black, because mostly everything does. Please pay no attention to the pink stucco. I removed some of the color when I got overzealous with the power washer last September. Plus, we are going to put siding over the stucco because, ew, stucco. Also, do yourself a favor and never let anyone convince you to put ceramic tile on your front stoop. I seriously do not know what the previous owners were thinking. Ceramic tile + cold = cracks. And then there is ceramic tile + ice = treacherous.

I had to make a trip to our local mom and pop hardware store, yet again, for spray paint. As a side note, when I was googling spray paint colors, a prompt came up for inhalant abuse. Apparently people get high by breathing in the fumes from aerosol cans. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if someone inspected my recycling bins, they are riddled with empty spray paint cans. It does appear rather incriminating. Granted, it is not like getting caught with a sawed off shotgun and black plastic garbage bags, but still.

I also found this little candle holder for $0.50, it was originally yellow. Not a banner yard sale day, but satisfying nonetheless.

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Trac~ said...

I think these are great yard sale finds considering the time you had to work with this past weekend! :o) Thank you for your kind words on the trunk - I do hope it turns out as nice as I am picturing in my head! LOL Have a great day! xoxoxo