July 19, 2010

Garage sale round-up

A more apropos title would be, the garage sales that weren't. Saturday was a very disappointing day, save for the argument that I witnessed between an owner and a patron over the price of fake flowers. Seriously New Jersey people, not everything can be haggled down to a quarter.

I went to 5 garage sales before I found one that was a) set-up and b) organized. Having had garage sales myself, and being an avid yard saler, I know what people tend to like. They like quasi-neat tables set up with the majority of the items priced. I fully understand that sometimes things just get tossed on the table in hopes that some poor slob will make an impulse purchase and you make up a price on the spot. I also understand that there are boxes of paraphernalia that simply get tossed into the mix. Boxes that have become a catch all for junk that we no longer need or want, except to disappear.

I went to one garage sale where three women were selling their things together. The yard was littered with Rubbermaid totes and empty tables. As I approached, one of the women called out to me, "Just pick through the totes and sent anything that you don't want down on a table."

Back the trolley up, sister.

You understand what she was saying, right? Basically she was hoping that we, the customers, would set up her shop. Thanks, but no thanks. I grabbed Joe's hand and skedaddled. The next few garage sales were no better.

I did manage to find a really adorable hot pink Guess skirt that is perfect for wearing as a bathing suit cover-up. It was fifty cents. I also found a sweet little black and white bolero jacket from Forever 21, also for fifty cents. That was really it.

My older boys are gone and it is quiet. Very quiet. They left yesterday for camp. They were not sad at all to leave me, which made me simultaneously happy and sad. John refused to pose for pictures saying he was embarrassed. Jeremy still goes with the flow. (The teenage hormones have not kicked in.)

Here my boy is demonstrating the fine art of pointing. Too bad there is no merit badge for that.

He is perfecting "The look." The look that says get away from me with the camera, but take pictures of me. He is torn between wanting to be cool and wanting to hug his mom. It's cool to hug your mom!

As they depart I yell, "SAY CHEESEBALLS!" This garners a slight smile.

They will be back on Saturday. I am not looking forward to the laundry that they will bring.


Alaina said...

Those unorganized garage sales are why I tend to not do it. I would much rather pay a little extra and enjoy myself at a flea market. Have a great week.

Laney said...

We don't have any good flea markets around here. There is one in NY city that I am dying to get to.