July 21, 2010

The defunct marathon

Poor Camille, she is waiting for a new marathon post. The truth about why I have been dragging my feet is I was waiting to see of I got into the NYC marathon again this year, I was going to dovetail the details together. Alas, I did not. I had asked my old high school boyfriend if he could gt me into the marathon because he has connections. This guy and I, we dated for almost a year. He was, I thought, The One.


He went off to college, I stayed home for college, and he met someone else. Class act that he was, he called me, on the telephone, to break up with me. I was utterly destroyed for months by what he did.



He would not even send me my things. Things of mine that I had given to him that I wanted back. My dad, a Jersey City police officer, drove up to his college to retrieve them.

**Sidebar** I adore my dad, he is my knight in shining armor. My dad is the reason that I married such a good man, I had a great example of a real husband and father.

So my dad drove up to the college, and my putz of an ex-boyfriend would not even come down to face him. He sent down a mutual friend of ours, who attended the same college, with my things.

Why I am friends with this person on Facebook is still a mystery to me. I myself am a putz. I figured the least he could do was get me into the marathon. He did not, and he did not even tell me that he did not. I had to send him a message to ask him. GAH!

The NYC marathon is not happening this year. I am open to other marathons. I am also open to running a marathon with someone else. Are you running any marathons?

Today my husband is taking me to Ikea. You know what that means, dontcha? Meatballs! Yummy! Also we are going to look at their kitchens. Our kitchen has...issues. But that is another post for another day. Tune in for it. You will be amazed to see where our dishwasher resides.

P.S. You should read Camille's blog. She lives on a farm and she home schools her children and she runs and she is absolutely gorgeous.


Camille said...

Oh, Laney. I am so sorry about NY. I hope you find another marathon you will enjoy just as much. It was so sweet of you to visit my blog and to lie profusely about me on yours. : )

Enjoy IKEA and have a meatball for me.. Darn, now I'm hungry.

the cottage child said...

Well, I don't run, but if you're in a marathon near me I will cheer for you and make you cupcakes-oh, and meatballs. How's that?

Alaina said...

Sorry to hear about your marathon. Being a runner it is important to you and I hope another marathon comes along that makes you happy. I am not a runner, but I do LOVE Ikea. The only bummer is that it is in Canada and the prices are slightly higher, but we women will do what we have to do.