July 14, 2010

It's a secret no one knows

Upon returning home Saturday from some errands, I found Kevin in the garage. He was on a major cleaning/organizing kick, and there was music playing.

Strange music.

I stopped and took a listen.

...Ba du bop, Ba du dop...

"Are you...are you listening to Hansen? The Mmmbop song?" I asked him.

He looked at me sheepishly and replied, "Yes. They are really good. They are the love children of Jerry Garcia. (pause) I have the CD."

"Oh, you have really sunk to a new low here." I said as I prepared to take my leave from the teeny bopperpalooza that was once my garage.

"Do you want me to copy it onto your iPod for when you run?" he yelled.

"You know it."

We are closet Hansen fans. They really can sing and they are talented. I have respect for anyone who can pick up an instrument and make actual music instead of just playing an air guitar like I do.

You knew that was coming right?

In exactly one week from today my mother arrives for a visit. I cannot wait. I miss her. Plus, I have a lot of projects for her. hehehe.

Also, I think that I have an ingrown toe nail. If you have ever had one, can you please tell me so that I can properly diagnose myself. I can't decide if it is worth a trip to the doctor or just suck it up.


Jersey Girl said...

I cannot wait, either. I look forward to waking up in that pretty room, seeing Joe when I open my eyes and enjoying you, my daughter, for weeks on end.

Laney said...

This is Kevin. I said they are the Grateful Dead in disguise. You know you love it.

Laney said...

Sorry, honey, I misspoke. :-)