July 30, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

What a great episode, it promises to be a fabulous season. I loved the twist at the beginning, and Casanova's line, "We are still auditioning, that's weird." Hello, Designers, are you new here? Of course there was a twist! This is the same show that had a whole group of people designing clothing from a candy store. Twizzler dress anyone? It's a dress! It's a snack!

So far Casanova is my favorite, his accent kills me. And he delivered the best line of the night. "I took, like, one of my fay-vo-reete pahnts, it's one tao-sand seventy dol-hares." He spent on one pair of pants what most people in Bulgaria make per year. He was beside himself watching Valerie cut them up.

I was sad to see McKell go, I liked her personality- and her hair. I thought that Tim was very genuine in his sadness at McKell going home, too. I love Tim. I would love to have him follow me around all day critiquing the things that I do.

Me: Tim, do you think that I should make pork chops for dinner?

Tim: Pork chops are very provocative.

Me: Tim, are you ready to go to the gym?

Tim: Let us caucus further concerning the gym.

Me: Tim, what do you think of this blouse?

Tim: The cap sleeve worries me.

What a fun and adjective full day that would be!

Thank-you for all of the kind compliments on yesterday's post. I am always in a quandary about posting my things on those linky parties. I love to see what others have done, and yet I feel goofy about them seeing what I have done, I can't explain why.

Up next is the ottoman, or otterman, as I recently saw someone on Craig's list post.

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Alaina said...

I love this show. I did not know it was on. What station, Bravo? I hope I can get to see it. Tim is great, Andre. I told my sister about the twizzler dress and she brought up the time they made clothes out of plants and flowers. Sometimes I love what they make just for being unique. Can't wait to see the otterman.