August 24, 2010

Children of the corn

Last week we drove up to my uncle's farm. This is his second year of farming and, wow, what a bounty! We picked corn, fresh green and red peppers, tomatoes, hot peppers, squash and eggplant. We plan on going back for pumpkins in the fall. There is nothing better than sausage and peppers made with home grown, flavorful, organic peppers. Yummy!

Here we are in the corn. It is a kin to committing a crime to see rows of corn and not run into them. My 13 year old was absolutely thrilled beyond words to be forced coaxed into the photo.
I forgot to grab my camera, so my mother stepped in with hers. She has mad photo skillz.

I am so happy that a member of my family has a bountiful garden. It makes up for the fact that I have a black thumb.


Anonymous said...

I used to call the children "children of the corn" they asked me what it meant..when I told them they were so wounded and hurt and pissed off....BAD MOTHER. LOL

I have run through corn until i ran into a snake. That activity ended abruptly. It was only a gardner snake too.

Laney said...

Ew. Snakes would be a deal breaker for me, too!

Trac~ said...

I love this - so cute and so happy your mom was there to the rescue with her camera so you could capture these wonderful and fun memories. I'm glad you enjoyed the baking soda tips! :o)

Alaina said...

I love your picture in the corn. I remeber as kids we used to play hide and seek in the corn during the daytime ONLY, they get spooky at night.

As for the flea, it is just a small one in a neighboring town. It is called the Port of Entry Flea Market. It is the location of my first shop.

FairfieldHouse said...


Is the farm in NJ? There are corn snakes in the fields. We get them here. It's a great learning experience for your children.

Your Friend,

Laney said...

It is. :-) We did not see any snakes when we went. I am not a snake person.LOL! My uncle is, and next time we go I will ask him if he has seen any.

Thanks for the heads up.