August 27, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

Once again, Casanova comes through with the funniest lines of the night.

On Tim Gunn's less than encouraging critique of his outfit:

"It's kind of frustrating. Once again, Casanova, you make a senior citizen garment. I don't know what happened to my taste."

Lamenting to the other designers:

"I'm making clothes for old ladies, sluts and flamingo dancers."

On the possibility of quitting:

"Maybe I need to take a break because I'm in the verge to lose my mind...and I'm getting FAT!"

To the last quote I shouted, "WORD!" at the television. Every day I am in the verge to lose my mind, and I feel fat. We are like siblings separated at birth except one of us was born to a Puerto Rican mom and the other an American mom.

I was so happy that he won last night's challenge. Blogger and I are having a fight concerning uploading photos, so to see the winning look, go here. I would wear those pants in a heartbeat!

Every season there is one designer that grates in my nerves, and this year it is Gretchen. I won't hold the things that she says in the one-on-one interviews against her because I have a feeling the producers ask the designers provocative questions to stir up drama. But the stuff that she says and does in the work room? That I will. She can sew, I give her that, but her attitude is awful!

As for the other designers that she was paired with? Well, I was waiting for someone, anyone, to remind her that it a team project, not her project. Their team lost because they allowed themselves to be sucked into the Gretchen is the boss of all of us vortex.

I also can't believe that they went along with her plan for the runway and the judges query. I would have said, "Gretchen meet the bus. Bus, Gretchen."

And the talking?

Oh, the talking!

Come up for some air, dearie.

I was glad the Michael and Nina gave her the what for, she needed knocking down a peg. And don't even get me started on Tim Gunn throwing down at the end!

It was a great episode! What say you?

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