August 11, 2010

Vacation Wrap-up: The running edition

We camp in the town of Hague, which is right next to the town of Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Ticonderoga being famous for the pencils, and of course, the fort. It is rich with history and breathtaking scenery.

I love running on the mountain roads. One of the first things that you come to when you leave the campsite is a cemetery. When we were children my sister and I used to hold our breath as we drove past the cemetery, believing that we would add extra minutes to our lives. Our parents encouraged this fun little practice simply because the few moments of silence added extra minutes to their sanity. Apparently we were loud and silly.

The sight of Old Glory waving gently in the warm breeze over a memorial to fallen soldiers reminds me once again of what a privilege it is to live in a free country.

This view is the reason that I ran 8 miles a day. I simply could not get enough of the vast blue sky, the voluminous clouds and the immense rolling hills. This landscape far exceeds the suburban streets that I call home.

Another thing that caught my eye were the barns. I love this red one, the way the color pops against the lush green of the mountain that stands guard over it.

And this lovely old repository. I was so tempted to enter the barn and snoop around inside. How amazing would it be to tear that wood down and make a dining table out of it? My mind was absorbed with all of the possibilities.

This amazing stone church is perched atop the cemetery. Not only is it lovely outside, but inside is loaded with character and offers a cool respite from the heat. I did not take pictures of the interior because it seemed disrespectful to me.

The view from the top. I would arrive at my destination and look back at where I had just come from and feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I loved the way it felt as I ran back down the mountain. The way the mountains surround you, protecting you from harm, and sheltering you within their majesty. It is like feeling God hug you.

I long for next August when we will return so I can do it all again.


FairfieldHouse said...

I have many fond memories of summers spent on Lake George when I was a child! It is just as you describe it: "like feeling God hug you." I think everyone should have these experiences in life to draw from when their faith bank is running low. Eight miles uphill! I am impressed.

Your Friend,

Camille said...

Wow. Just beautiful. The view and your lovely way of describing it.

Jersey Girl said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am going to visit this page every time I wish I could be in Lake George. Beautiful, breathtaking, serene.