September 23, 2010

Changing Colors

I have begun decorating for fall and I have been inspired by my own backyard. I admit, I have not wanted to see my summer things go, they are really lovely. Every time I walk past this dresser in my living room I say, Hello gorgeous vignette. Who is the genius that put y'all together?

Not really.

OK, maybe once or twice.

The items pictured are mostly from garage sales. The two glass jars were .50 cents each, and the shells were free. The pitcher was originally an ugly orange but I loved the shape. A little bit of white semi-gloss spray paint and- voila! A lovely makeover for .75 cents. The starfish was .25 cents. My mom bought the candle snuffer for me this past Saturday when we went yard saling. I think it was .50 cents. Everything else I already had, I just shopped the house.

With fall fast approaching, I decided to get my pumpkins in a row. (waka-waka) I did not want to spend a lot of money, so I looked out my front door for inspiration. I also looked in the attic and found some great stuff that I had forgotten about. The good part of moving every year is that everything is new again.

I enlisted Joe's help and off to the woods we tramped. He is a great stick finder. I swear he is part Labrador. We found sticks in various shapes, sizes and colors. I brought them home and spray painted them with some clear coat. It made them a bit shiny and stopped the flaking-some of the sticks are very dried out.

The sticks in the jar alone appeared very...sticky, and brown. Some color was in order. I added some dried flowers and loved the effect. This is my most favorite fall decoration!

I collected acorns from the backyard and tossed some sticks in for good measure. The frame and leaf bowl were garage sale scores for .50 and .25 cents respectively.

I love fall. The bright, warm colors. The sounds of leaves crunching under our feet. The crisp, fragrant air and the clean aroma of leaves. Each season has its own distinct smell, doesn't it?

Are you decorating for fall?


Tatum said...

Good morning! Your decor is beautiful. I wish I had a backyard full of leaves, acorns etc. That is a great way to save money. Guess I'll go rummaging through my parents yard!

Have a great day.

Cotton Blossom said...

Love the last photo, very nice. Happy September!

Toyin O. said...

You are so creative; very lovely decorations. I never decorate for anything, but I appreciate poeple that can.

WendyP said...

love it all! :o)

elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Alaina said...

Your fall decorations look great, the colors came together really nice. Happy Fall.