September 21, 2010

Wicked Awesome

In 1987 we spent our summer vacation camping in Maine. We actually spent two summers camping there, both were wicked fun vacations. My sister and I met some kids from Massachusetts who introduced us to the word wicked as an adjective. We all became fast friends and spent the entire vacation together. They had these wicked cool accents and we used to beg them to say the words 'poptarts' and 'car', over and over again. Because they were wicked fun, they obliged us.

The words came out sounding like pup-tahhhts, and cahh. There were some other words that we liked to hear them say, mainly because we were not allowed to say them, but I won't repeat them here because this is a G-rated blog, and I am still afraid of my mother's wrath. J/K (Hi, mom! hehehehe) Woah, I just used a texting abbreviation on my blog. I officially have no shame. I am wicked dorky.

That little foray into the past is not the point of this post. Although, I could write a book about the experiences in Maine those two summers. The main point is Wicked. Not the adjective, the Broadway production. My mother, sister and I went to see it Sunday afternoon. We had no idea what the story was other than it involved the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. It was, as the title denotes, Wicked Awesome!

It was a superb production. Everything from the set, the lighting, the costumes, the singing, the acting, the humor, the emotion, everything drew you in. It grabbed you by the heart and did not release you from its grip. Even now, as I type this, I am transported back to my seat, my eyes glued to the stage. If you have seen Wicked, you know of which I speak.

When we got home, Kevin asked me how it was. I told him it was my favorite. It is so difficult to categorize a favorite, though, because every show that I have seen has been my favorite. So this is my favorite right now. I want to see it again. I want to be in it, for heaven's sake!

I leave you with one of my favorite numbers. It was Wicked funny! Toss, toss!


Anonymous said...

My favorite use of the word wicked is when the New Age book shop owner says it in Just Like Heaven.

Laney said...

LOL! I love that movie!

Tatum said...

I went to see Wicked a few years ago and LOVED it! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in theater. I wanted to see it again when it came to the Ohio Theater this year but renovations took precedence. O well, glad you had a great time!!

Trac~ said...

I work in NYC and have never seen this production and want to some day! I'm glad you had such a great time. Btw - the way to make the post-its is by going to this link:

It's super easy - go play! :o) xoxoxo

FairfieldHouse said...

I knew you would like it. It's my favorite as well.

Your Friend,