June 14, 2011

Newly minted high schooler

I can't believe it. This is a good place to insert all of the cliches about them being babies yesterday and enjoy the years when they are young, but it really is so true when it is happening to you- time passes at an alarming rate of speed.

One day you are encouraging them to crawl and the next day you are mounting the church sanctuary stairs getting ready to hand them their 8th grade diploma.

And just like that they are taller than you. And eat more than you. And make you laugh harder than you ever thought possible. And make you prouder than you ever imagined.

They even put up with you embarrassing them, because deep down they love you as much as you love them. Even if they show it by rolling their eyes and sighing at you.

We made it this far. I can only hope that high school is not the death of me. Or where I gain 300 pounds from stress eating.

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