June 15, 2011

Two great tastes that taste great together

One day last week, during the graduation week planning/preparing, I stopped in at Goodwill for a sanity break. Our Goodwill, lately, has been less affording me with less than stellar finds. Usually I can find Yankee candles, the 22 oz jars, for less than $2, or some great little tchotchkes, or something useful for the boys. So I entered the store hopeful that my luck would change, and change it did.

I was perusing through the racks of clothing and found a really cute little vest. I had a woman breathing down my neck, doing what I call the Goodwill stalk. She was waiting to see what I would uncover and then grab it from me if I should the slightest hesitation in purchasing the item.

I decided against the vest because as I was glancing down the rack, I saw it. The T-Shirt! I scooped it up, without even taking a peek at the size, and scurried away from the Goodwill stalker. I was beyond thrilled and hoping against hope that The T-Shirt was not an x-small. I have not been an extra small since the summer of The Great Banana Split Consumption.

I ran to the register only to be met with another surprise. The shirt was 50% off! Yes, I paid $1.98. That is $3.02 less than my perfect price for clothing.

I had a shirt like this when I was a little girl. It smacks of nostalgia and makes me happy every time I wear it. (Awful picture quality, I know. But, on the bright side, you can't see my crow's feet.)

It is hard to be "ghetto" when you are a suburban housewife, but I gave it my best effort.

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