July 18, 2011

New Monday Blog

(Talk about writer's block. Could I possibly have a more uninspired title?)

I did break the blog, but I fixed it. Sorta. (It turns out HTML code is not that difficult a code to crack.) I fixed the main broken things, but the header is not centered and it is driving me slightly crazy- like sticking your head in a beehive crazy. This kind of snafu sends my linear and symmetrical loving brain into an OCD frenzy. I have to fix it, but as I said to my husband last night, "There are a million other really important things that I should be doing. But here I sit. Trying to match the sidebar title background color with the wallpaper colors." Gah.

We did a little bit of yard saling this weekend and we made two major scores. The first is this.

The complete set of Little House on the Prairie books, for five (5!!) dollars. I grabbed it, paid and ran away before the owner realized that I underpaid.

The second is this, a Weber grill.

We went to an estate sale that was being hosted by an estate sale company (Duh. The department of redundancy department called.), and its very snooty employee. They were selling the grill for twenty-five dollars. When I looked in my wallet I realized that I only had twenty-one dollars. So I asked the supervisor if she would take twenty-one dollars because it is all the cash that we have. She looked at me like I asked her for a kidney. From her only child.

I nervously began counting out change and came up with another dollar and fifty cents. I glanced at the woman again and said, "How about $22.50?" She reluctantly said alright. I was trying not to show my irritation. "Throw me a bone, lady." I felt like asserting. "Do you want to unload the grill or do you want to schlep it back into the garage?" On Sunday afternoon, when you are at the end of your garage sale, you should not be so persnickety.

It was so unlike me to not haggle, or just confidently ask if she would take twenty for it. I was a little off my game. Clearly the asymmetrical header upset me more than I originally thought.

Kevin is so happy with his new toy. He was regaling all of us with its finer points last night over dinner. It's stainless steel pan, its east start mechanism, and its low setting wherein he can defrost his Bubba burgers. He is a happy man.

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