July 7, 2011

Spray Park

With the boys gone Joe is a little on the bored side. I will go in the pool with him, and play with him but I know it is not the same. For one, I don't want to have a splash contest. And two, I don't think that seeing who can slap the hardest with a pool noodle remotely resembles a good time.

We headed to the splash park with some friends. Good, clean, wet fun. Just what the doctor ordered.

"Mom," he said. "This is beast." The boys may not be here is physical presence, but their vernacular lives on.


Fairfield House said...

You could just stand him against the wall of your home and hose him down, a sort of water dodge ball and he's it.

Of course you risk the neighbors calling DYFS and once they hear your other child only has one pair of underwear to his name ... well, I'm just sayin'.

Your Friend,

Laney said...

Your comment, Deborah, made me laugh right out loud! Really.