July 5, 2011

Follow me, boys!

This past weekend was bih.zey. We spent the majority of the day Saturday helping to get the boys packed for Boy Scout camp. It was this particular day that one of my boys informed me that he only has one pair of underwear. Well, what do you wear all of the other days when the lone pair is being laundered I asked. I should have known better, really, than to ask that. Nothing, he replied nonchalantly as if I asked him what color the sky is.

I had another conversation with this same child concerning his shower bag. All kinds of red flags went up when he asked me what a shower bag was. Oh.My.Gawd.

"Please tell me that you showered at camp last year."

"Uh. I went swimming every day."

Alrighty then.

As my oldest son was packing his bag, he found some random items, clothing and such in his pack. I knew what he was going to do before he did it.

"Tell me you are not re-packing those clothes. Are they clean?"

He did not immediately answer with words, instead he buried his face in the shirt and inhaled deeply.

I gawked in amazement when he finally said, "They smell clean."

Very well then. Both of my boys are fully prepared to live in a frat house, or a third world country.

We drove down to the camp on Sunday along with the scout convoy. I like being part of convoys. They make me feel safe, it is like a gang on wheels. We followed the bus with my truck and Kevin's trailer as I had volunteered him to bring all of the scouts bikes to the camp. He loves when I volunteer him for things like that. But honestly? I did it because I knew he would have volunteered himself had he been a part of the original conversation.

We arrived at the camp, and I was so happy to be there. Usually Kevin has the privilege of going to the camp with the boys either to drop them off, bring them home, or camp with them for a few days. My job primarily consists of helping to pack their bags, supplying snacks for the ride and doing the laundry when they arrive back home. Yay me. So this was a real treat. I was able to see the camp that they would call home for the next six days.

Soon after arriving the boys began to grumble over all of the unwelcome guests, specifically spiders, in the tents. John came up to me and said, "Mom! I swear there is a spider in there the size of a dinner plate, and its fangs were dripping venom." He gets his love of exaggeration from me.

I told him to open the tent flaps and let in some light. I reassured him and his friends that once they moved in, the spiders would move out. Or they would be carried away in the night and have their bodies sucked dry of blood. Either scenario was possible.

The boys had a schedule to keep so we decided to head out. I knew that John would not give me the hug that I desired, but Jeremy, as the younger child, most likely would. I thought wrong. Not only did he not want to hug me as I was leaving, his main concern was not even saying good-bye to me but rather, did I have any water. Hydration trumps tearful good-bye.

I was wishing that I could have stayed at the camp with the boys. They are getting older and they want less to do with me and more to do with their friends and their own activities. I know that them wanting to separate from me means that I have done my job because really, who wants their grown children living with them? But all of a sudden I was struck with the fact that they will be gone before I know it and I want to savor every moment. I was thinking all of these things and then I glanced at the daily camp schedule.

Reveille? At 7am? I no longer waxed poetical about staying with them. I don't like to be up at 7am in silence. So a 15 year old boy blasting out Reveille on a bugle? Not my cuppa. There is a reason I am not a Boy Scout.

If you have scouts, and have not seen the Disney movie Follow me, boys! I highly recommend that you borrow it from Netflix, or you can view it on Amazon. It is a terrific movie from back when Disney was still putting out a wholesome, quality product.

And one of my favorite quotes from Lord Baden Powell, British Army officer and founder of Boy Scouts, "The spirit is there in every boy, it has to be discovered and brought to light."


Jersey Girl said...

So funny! I love the recount of the week-end. Dad and I both knew which boy only had one pair of underwear. ROFL
You are so right, the time goes by so quickly, and you are so wise to "savor the moments". Those boys are so delightful!
Just think, this time next week, you'll be doing laundry. *wink wink*

Fairfield House said...


So glad you are back -- or perhaps you've been back and I've just now found you again. (I'm going to subscribe so I don't miss anything.)

This was a great post. You have a wonderful sense of humor and I love reading your words.

I can relate to the entire camp scenario from packing thru laundry. I was an assistant director in 4H Camp in Stokes State Forest for a couple of years. (That explains a lot about my personality, eh?) Insert mad laughter.

Your Friend,

Laney said...

Ha! The boys have camped at Stokes. It is absolutely beautiful up there!