September 20, 2011

Is that mop following me?

This is a video of my family singing to me on my 40th birthday. I watched it for the first time the other day and I had to keep rewinding it to look at the mop. That mop has had a prominent place in the majority of our photos.

Note John's 8th grade graduation. (Please disregard the wardrobe malfunction.) This is our old house. You can see in this photo the full extent of my kitchen cabinets, hence the mop living front and center there in next to the fridge.

Christmas. Always a joyous occasion. And. What's that? The mop again. It mocks, silently, from its haughty little bucket.

I truly believed that once we had a larger home, the mop would no longer make its way into our family photos. So much for logic.

Have you heard Foster? I bought the whole album from iTunes and downloaded it onto my iPod. The entire album is awesome, not just this one song.

How cute is Mark Foster at 1:08? It feels wrong to sing and dance around the house to a song about running away from bullets, but I like it. I think the message is this: even if you are being shot at, nice shoes are important. (Oh, I kid!)


Jersey Girl said...

You love your mop. How upset would you be if your mop wasn't close at hand, ready to "clean up this mess"?

Zelda said...

Censored! *Snort*