September 15, 2011

Death by Landline

So Verizon has been trying to kill me, or drive me straight to the booby hatch. We moved a little over a month ago and attempted to move our service but Verizon was on strike. We were told that they could disconnect our service, but could not schedule an install date due to the strike. Oh, by all means, sign me up for no internet for an indefinite amount of time. We told them that we would go with another provider. We kept all of the service on, however, because we wanted to keep our current phone number and the service has to remain open for them to port the line. Big mistake. We should have just changed our phone number.

We are still waiting for our line to be ported. Verizon blames Comcast. Comcast blames Verizon. I have called Verizon maybe 20 times. Each time I call I get a different person who gives me a different story. One guy even hung up on me. Granted, I yelled at him, but I was beyond frustrated because of Verizon's put you on hold and the disconnect you trick. (It happened 4 times last night.) I know that they most likely pull that stunt to get you to give up. Not me.

Oh, no.

I am like a bad penny, I just keep showing up. Verizon will rue the day that they refused to port my line!! As God as my witness, I will never use Verizon again!

Last night, out of complete frustration, I was tempted to cancel the service altogether and just get a new number, but purely on principle I won't do it. I have invested too much time in this undertaking to just roll over and die.

The thing that has kept me from a full on nervous breakdown of mythical proportions is Mumford and Sons. Watch for yourself. Fine Irish lads, they are.

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