February 8, 2005

Life Lessons on Skis

Giving myself a little pat on the back for not getting lost on the way to ski yesterday! This is truly an accomplishment. Just as a side note, last week we were on our way home from drum lessons and I had to stop by a friends house to bring her her daughters coat. I thought the road I was on would bring me to her house but I was on the wrong road. During this little excursion, Kevin called me. I told him of my plight and he actually said to me, "Where is the sun?" to help me determine my direction. Why, why, why would he ask me such a question? He knows me, he knows I am directionally challenged! So I gave him the best answer I could think of, "In the sky?" Bless his heart for trying.


Yesterday we skied for the third time and the old saying, "third time is the charm" has a ring of truth to it. Jeremy was awesome!! He was a little hesitant at first so I gently coaxed him into going to the next level. I still ski him down about a quarter of the way and them let him go. He is really getting the hang of steering and controlling his speed. I talked the boys into going to the next hill and that was really exciting! It is only about 50 feet higher but it is steeper at the top with more turns. I taught John how to do the snow plow going in a zig zag pattern down the mountain instead of a straight run. He caught on rather quickly and was an old pro by the end of the day. I asked Jeremy if he wanted to try getting off of the ski lift by himself and he said yes, and he did a great job. By the end of the day he was skiing down the mountain ahead of me and getting on the lift by himself! There were two really nice lift operators, one at the top and one at the bottom. The man at the bottom asked him if he knew how to go by himself now and Jeremy said yes. John and I went together and when we got to the top the man said the bottom lift operator called him to tell him Jeremy was by himself and might need some help. The top lift operator said Jeremy gets off the lift better then most adults!

As Jeremy skiis I am behind him, shouting encouragement the whole time. It is amazing how we flourish under praise! He went from hesitancy to complete confidence in four hours. I saw a rather frustrated mom attempting to teach her son to ski and my heart went out to her. My heart went out to the little guy as well and in my mind I was willing him to ski.

I have decided that learning to ski is a metaphor for life. Jeremy said "Mommy, falling is good because it teaches you how to ski." Yes, falling is bound to happen, but it is in the getting up and getting back on the skis that counts.

I am so proud of my boys!

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