February 9, 2005

The Library and Such

Today I escaped out of the house all by myself! My mother is here for a visit and she took the boys for a walk while I hit the library. After I mortgaged the house to pay my library fine, I went in search of the books on my list. In science we have been studying birds and it has really held the boys attention, although all of our animal studies have held their interest. We will be moving onto sharks, whales and dolphins next week. They are very excited about this.

I have to just say, I love the library! I love the books quietly calling out "pick me, pick me!" I love the reverent silence that the patrons observe. I love the way everything is so neat and orderly. I love the big comfy chairs in the reading areas. I love the smiling faces of the librarians who recognize me as the "lady with all the fines who homeschools." What a wonderful, free privledge!

Darling Kevin called while I was out and left me a message. He found the rechargeable batteries for the digital camera!! (Is it weird to kiss the answering machine?) In the week and a half I have been using the camera I have gone thru 10 batteries!! UGH! Now I am happy. If I could only figure out how you blogger veterans manage to get all your pictures under one post I will be really happy.

Tonight I have a class at 6:00 but I must be home for "LOST."

Keep pressing on!

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gina said...

1) If you figure out the picture thing, could you tell me too? I feel like I'm boring people to death with my scroll down one at a time method.
2) Do you follow a set framework or do you plan what and when the kids will learn?
3) Are you the only homeschooler you know and if not not is there any kind of homeschooling network/group you belong to.

I swear it's not a quiz :), I'm just excited about starting and trying to learn as many options as possible, you know what works and what doesn't for different people. I've got the hardly any time to myself part down pat so it's the other little things I need to work on. thanks for your ideas...