February 22, 2005

Tan Girl Blogging

Forgive me bloggers, it has been 3 days since my last blog! I knew it was getting bad when my mom said I hadn't updated! I have been trying to get to the computer but my husband keeps getting to it first, grrr!

Saturday was a really busy day and we had such a good time on the boat. Cruising down the Intracoastal looking at those gorgeous homes and tremendous boats prompted my question to Kevin, "Why couldn't you be rich instead of handsome?" My brother took us to lunch at this really cool place located on the water called "Shooters". They have these guys who are valets for boats! They tie you off to the other boats so you can get off at the dock and go to eat lunch or dinner. I have to be honest, I felt very cool! We were sitting outside eating our lunch and enjoying each others company when a large boat pulled up. On the bow of the boat were two sun worshippers in thong bathing suits. It was one of those things where I did not want to look but just couldn't help myself, kind of like a train wreck! My brother commented aptly, you should have to go before a panel before wearing that in public. Some things should simply not be seen!!

Sunday we went to church at Calvary Chapel Ft.Lauderdale and it was really wonderful. The Katinas were there that day for a special worship time and it was awesome! They are 5 brothers out of 12 children and they each played a different instrument and sang. It had a Latin feel to it which is different for us but so much fun to listen to. After church I went shopping and Kevin took a nap. I received a $50 gift card to Macy's as a thank-you from someone I have been helping out recently and so I went to spend it. I hit a sale, YEAH, so a pair of sandals and camisole top later, was on my way back to my parents house to bother wake up hubby.Earlier that morning we called home to talk to the boys and my dad told us that Laurie was at the hospital in labor. My poor sister went thru 26 hours of back labor and many other complications but the baby was born healthy and strong before midnight. Little Thomas is here and we are so happy for them!

We have thoroughly been enjoying each others company and laughing like two giddy school kids but we are really missing the kids. We called home tonight and my mother told us to relax and enjoy our last day two days together. She said the boys are great and they are all having a good time. O.K. I will relax.

My biggest fear now is that I am turning into a Floridian! I find myself getting cold when it is 70 degrees out and have eaten dinner at 4:30p.m. for the past two days. Wait, maybe I am just turning into a senior citizen. Hmmm. Well, no matter what, I know I will never be true Floridian because I am cued into the little known fact that a turn signal is actually designed to be a functioning part of a vehicle, not just a cute little handle on the steering column. Let's use 'em folks. :-)


Dy said...

ROFL- Oh, Laney, this is hilarious! All of it. I'm so glad you are having a lovely time w/ hubby. Knowing the boys are also having a great time w/ Grandma and Grandpa helps, too, doesn't it? :-)

Enjoy that tan and all the wonderful benefits of Senior Citizenship. But you know, you don't get your membership card until at least one of those Dinners is at a Denny's.


gina said...

The vaca sounds great and Congratulations to your sister and her husband. God Bless baby Thomas.